Lemmy Kilmister, the frontman from Motorhead, has died.

Lemmy Kilmister


Lemmy Kilmister, the frontman from Motörhead, has died.

Reports say the singer passed away just around 4 PM Monday afternoon. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer just 2 days ago.

In addition to this new cancer diagnosis, Lemmy had been suffering from a number of other well-publicized health issues. In 2013, he was fitted with an implantable defibrillator to correct an irregular heartbeat.

While battling these serious health issues, Lemmy was forced to scale back on his alcohol and tobacco habits. He had been smoking for 57 years.

Apparently, he passed away in his home while playing his favorite video game.

Of course, Lemmy was credited for starting the mutton chops craze back in the 1970s.

Lemmy Kilmister was 70 years old.



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